Kat JK Lee is a learner and a doer,

a mover, a maker, and a faker.

(JK about that last one). 

First spawned in Los Angeles, CA, Kat scored their degrees in Visual Art and Literary Arts at Brown University in Providence, RI. They utilize video, illustration, installation and text to explore non-binary second-gen yellow narratives in pursuit of a New Canon of Korean-American Speculative Fiction Authored Entirely By Them. Kat has most recently exhibited with the New Museum, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, OUTLET, Associated Gallery, and Trestle Gallery, amongst others. They are a co-founder of Codify Art, a multidisciplinary collective of, and platform for, QTPOC artists.

For CV and other inquiries, find Kat on a Brooklyn-based couch or alternately, at kat.jk.lee@gmail.com.